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Connected Kids™ – Meditation and Mindful Activities

Small, friendly classes for 9-16 year olds. Parents welcome.

£6.00 per session

One to one sessions also available

Please contact Nat for more details nat@bright-side.org

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My Connected Kids™ classes introduce meditation and mindful activities to Young People aged 9-16. I am a qualified secondary school teacher and have taught drama and special needs interventions for 15 years. I am also an accredited level 2 Connected Kids™ tutor. I was trained to teach children meditation by Lorraine

Murray founder of Connected Kids™. www.teachchildrenmeditation.com.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a life skill and practical tool that can help improve health and well being. It can be Mindfulness – a type of meditation that helps you be present in the moment, visualisation (imagining a story or scene), movement like yoga or walking, art or sound.

Research shows that meditation and mindful activities can help children and young people to relax, better manage the challenges of modern life and balance the effects of stress. Regular meditation practice can also improve academic success while developing emotionally resilient, happy and compassionate young people. Meditation and mindful activities can also be helpful for children with special needs such as ADHD or ASD.